Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Crusades Essay -- essays research papers fc

THE CRUSADES Many great civilizations went into a depression after they had their golden age. One of these civilizations was the Western Europe civilization. After the fall of Rome the Western Europe civilization went into the dark ages while Eastern Europe called the Byzantine Empire prospered. Western Europe was brought out of the dark ages by the crusades. The crusades were the one thing that brought Western Europe out of the crusades After Rome fell Western Europe had lost their civilization. All they did all day was work and pray. They did not enjoy any of the pleasures of life. The people of Western Europe needed protection from Germanic tribes that would take their crops and attack people. The people of Western Europe could not do any thing about this because they had no centraliz4ed government to protect them. This led to the institution of feudalism in Western Europe. The feudal system of Western Europe took the place of the centralized government in Western Europe. The basis of the feudal system is protection for work. So all people did was work and pray. During this time the Roman Catholic Church took over Western Europe. It took over Western Europe because people did not have much to live for so they wanted to be in paradise when they died. The thought of being in paradise when you die caught the attention of the people of Western Europe. So most people became catholic. When people heard the Muslims took the city of Jerusalem the people of Western Europe were m...

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